Sunday, December 18, 2011

With Love from the Heart of the Home...the Kitchen

“Think this over carefully: The most charming hours of our life are all connected – by a more or less tangible hyphen – with a memory of the table."— Pierre-Charles Monselet 1874
What you can't see...
the fork holes in the table,
the autographs etched in the wood by famous little people,
...small pictures or smiley faces discriminately drawn under placemats...forever etchings to remember our time as a family around 'the table.'
Don't you just live in the kitchen?  Honestly, I don't love to cook, but it is listed on my job description.  This little window seat is the dumping ground for book bags, coats, etc...
My husband brought home bags and bags of  paraplast embedding medium; otherwise, known as wax.  Apparently, it had hardened too much for use at work, so he decided to bring it home, melt it and make candles.  In addition to the candles, I used the wax to adhere small boxwood stems to this bay window.
Here is the view from outside the window.  I have some small boxwood plants right out front, but not enough to make a wreath.  This seems to fill the space adequately.  These little sprigs might look nice on glass front kitchen cabinets or even on glass containers.
This pillow was painted by little hands and backed with some pretty fabric and trim.
My kitchen is black, green and white.  Ornaments and plates by Burton + Burton and Glory Haus tie all the colors together for Christmas. 
Rob bought the little nativity plate for me on our recent trip to the Billy Graham Library.  It is a nice addition to my small collection of nativities.
The colors are so bright and festive!
Some of you might remember this candy jar from last year.  I wanted some whimsical jars, but couldn't find what I was looking for, so I glued a snowman ornament to a glass jar for the desired effect.  My sister gave me the snowmen measuring cups, which I love!
This antique highchair sits beside the bookshelf.  We remove the potted plant when my niece and nephew come over for additional seating!
My 'log cabin' gingerbread house surfaced again this year.  I have stored this one for three years!  It is still in pretty good shape, but to keep little paws off of it, I displayed it under the large cloche.  The vintage red lunch box holds a sparse tree.
Two things I love: children's and baby doll vintage furniture and old timey lunch boxes.
We will have Christmas dinner here in just a few days!
Oh, I have a thing for pretty dish towels, too!
Children's artwork is another favorite of mine.  Just seeing how they are learning to express themselves with crayons and paintbrushes is so wonderful!  The Rudolph masterpiece is by my five year old.
I made this little chalk board years ago.  You can buy these at Michael's in natural wood.  I painted the 'Days 'til Christmas' with space to change the countdown.  This is a favorite around here.  My kids love to climb on the counter and change the number.  It hangs from our light fixture, so I am sure that is part of the fun!
These Burton ornaments are some of my favorites.  I have stashed them in cups and bowls all over the kitchen; however, it would be fun to have a Christmas tree in the kitchen, since we are in here so much!
More of these sweet little ornaments hang from my canisters.  The 'mitten' measuring cups came in a stack and were another gift from my sister.  I put the other 'mittens' in our granola jar and mixed nuts jar.
My daughter creates some more masterpieces (hopefully, now that she is older, this is on paper!)

There is just something about the kitchen.  It really is the heart of the home!
Have you heard the story about the father who tried relentlessly to grow grass under the swing set where his children played every day?  It bothered him that no grass would grow there!  One day, his wife said to him, "We are not raising grass, we are raising children."  Point well taken and the dad started to enjoy the bare patches on the ground.  Soon enough, grass will grow there, and it will grow tall, he thought.
For now, enjoy the bare spots in the grass created by little feet and the etchings in the table made by little hands!  No, my honey does not like the pieces of artwork etched into our table!  Certainly, one should teach their children not to write or draw on the table!  When I see the markings, it just reminds me of when my children were all so young and learning right from wrong.  It reminds me of their innocence over not knowing the difference.  I treasure those marks and I think, just maybe, my neat and tidy husband does, too!

Merry Christmas to you all, as you gather around the 'table' for your celebration!
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ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Christie your kitchen has always been a favorite of mine! All your Christmas touches are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful Christmas decorating! I added the sweet idea of a sprig of greenery in each window pane in my inspiration file for next year!

Martha said...

Love your decorations and I especially like the boxwood on the window.

Sheri said...

awesome post! love your pics - thanks for sharing. I agree - around our table is the best. Merry Christmas. :)

My Duong said...

Your kitchen is the perfect combo of rustic and elegance. Would love love love for you to share this at our party going on now Happy holiday! My

Kirby Carespodi said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing. I always wanted my decor to be perfect, and kept the things my kids made for me 'hidden' in spots that weren't easily seen. Now I cry when I put their ornaments on the tree--they are 25 and 21 and living their lives elsewhere. I'm so glad you use yours!

Pat said...

What a wonderful dining room. All those windows, and your dining set with the box centerpiece is just perfect. I laughed at the cute little charlie brown tree in the lunch box. Great idea!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful kitchen, beautiful words, beautiful season... I really like your color scheme, by the way!

Lori said...

The bright colors are perfect for a kitchen. Yours is so warm and friendly. I can't believe your husband found the nativity. Just perfect. True about the children growing up too.

It's me said...

Your home is so so beautiful !! the plate and the kitchen towel !!....enjoy a happy week love


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Christie, I just love looking at your kitchen. It always looks so nice. Cute idea sticking the boxwood pieces on the window. I thought you had bought the snowman pillow. So surprised that is was painted by little hands. It is the cutest thing ever. That was the first thing I gasped at!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Sunflowers With Smiles said...


I love your kitchen....Your children's artwork especially adds special touches! Your centerpiece of ivy and pointsettia's are beautiful!

Have a Merry Christmas!!!!

Kelly said...

You have such a beautiful kitchen. I love your extra large farmhouse table. I have a smaller one like it in my kitchen. The wood is very soft. That is probably why you have some many etches on it too. Ha! One of my favorites that you shared is the sparse little tree in the lunchbox. It is just so cute!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I enjoyed your post...I love all the family touches in your home and I sure wish they had they nativity plate when I was there last spring..and I love the Happy Birthday Jesus towel too...I wish I could find one of those! Everything is beautiful...Merry Christmas!

Jody@northernliving said...

I love your dining space with all of the windows and the beautiful table. Love it!!!
Jody @ Northern Living

Anonymous said...

It's all beautiful, but I confess I have a fondness for any home-made artwork by kids.
I love your kitchen canisters too--are they family heirlooms, or can you pass along where you found them?

Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Our pine table is full of etchings, too, from my husband and the grandkids. Soft wood-soft heart!

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is so festive..I love the bright colors..The story of the father who wanted to grow grass..Beautiful story..
Merry Christmas..

Finding Home said...

Great post - my father in law built our kitchen table, made from wood off the family farm, milled at my husband's uncle's mill. The "z" are still in the soft wood where my oldest daughter was so focused on learning to write them they pressed right into the table. I could never sand them away!

Great box by the way!

Take care,

Tardevil said...

Love the little story at the end. I really try to remember that b/c I have that Martha Stewart gene, and it is very hard to let things go. Love the new nativity. Have not yet been to the Billy Graham Library, but I bet that was a fun/interesting trip.

Christie said...

Anonymous, the pewter canisters came from the company, Pierre Deux, a french country company. Unfortunately, when I searched online for it, it appears they have gone bankrupt. So sad, because they carried GREAT things! Thank you for stopping by Three Pixie Lane!

Martha's Barefoot Designs said...

I just stopped by for a visit. I love your home and the way you have it decorated. Thanks for sharing.

Merry Christmas!

Martha's Barefoot Designs said...

Loved stopping by fo a visit. Your kitchen is adorable. Merry Christmas

Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

Love the story at the bottom! SO very true!!

I am so glad that they found your photo for the segment. You know how I feel about your photos!! :)

By the way, is your canister set vintage. I LOVE it!! Merry Christmas!!!

Eclectically Vintage said...

My table has all those etchings from my kids too! Love your antique chair and the boxwoods "waxed" to the window! Glad I found you - following along.

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Honey at 2805 said...

You have the most wonderful home and your Christmas decor is all gorgeous! Such details!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post at Potpourri Friday! Have a very Merry Christmas and wonderful Holiday Season!

Sue said...

Your kitchen is my favorite ever! I love the green, it goes with everything. And your table and chairs are beautiful, especially with the additional artwork. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Oh my goodness, so many things to love in this post. I'll be featuring the herb box on your table on VIF later today, thanks so much for joining in. I always love coming to visit, Christie! xoxo

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