Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saying I Love You...

The vintage Valentine cards came from Books-A-Million.  The cut-out candy labels are free printables from the lovely Heather Bullard.
Small cards and gift tags, as well as, 'pretend' stamps were purchased from Michael's.  The chocolate covered Oreos came from Homegoods.
Supplies and ribbon are ready...
and treat bags from Target, too...
to make our own Valentine's...
and to say, "I love you!"

 When we celebrate Valentine's Day, we will open the little box and share the letters!   The only instructions were that each child is to write down things that they love about someone else or just simply say, "I love you!"  We will write cards to their classmates separately, so this project is to share the love in the family!  My kids are young, so they love this kind of stuff!
Do you have any special ways of celebrating this sweet holiday? 

I will be linking to these great sites all week!  Join the fun and see all the great ideas!  Thanks to all the ladies who graciously host each week!

A few tips:  Buy supplies after Valentine's Day for next year.  We have to make a lot of Valentine's cards (three kids mean three classes of friends!), so I stock up when the supplies go on sale.  Organize them in a little box for easy access.  I purchased the little wooden box at Hobby Lobby for less than $4 on clearance.  It is perfect for small cards and tags!  Many stores (Target) have little individual mailboxes, so you could have a mailbox for each person in the family.  Of course, you could use the familiar shoe box!  That always works and kids love to decorate those, too!

Thank you for this feature!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love is...

What is your favorite LOVE poem? 

Write it out on a chalkboard and spread some love!

Have a great day!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

How do You Spell Love?

I asked the children to gather things to spell 'LOVE' for their dad on the little sidewalk leading to our front door.  What a nice little surprise when he got home from work!  He works so hard for our family and we are taking this month leading up to Valentine's Day to spell 'love' as many ways as we can!

So, here is my challenge to you!  Spell 'LOVE' to those around you!  Try to do it every day leading up to Valentine's!  I bet these little acts will mean the world of a difference to someone!

We will share other ideas as we go along!

Have a wonderful day!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sweet Treats

 It is a good thing I don't love sweets, because I sure do like to have them around...for their looks!  Candy is so pretty! 

I love to decorate for Valentine's!

 I separated out some of the conversation hearts and displayed them in a little tray. The tray came from IKEA.  The pink bubble gum came from Wal-Mart (wedding section last year.)  The large conversation hearts came from Cracker Barrel. 

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Decorating my Little Shop for Valentine's

I made this heart garland for the fire place mantel from a French newspaper.  A friend travels to France every few months, so I asked him to snag some newspapers for me!  I love it, but need to make some more for any impact! 
I love these vintage blocks my partner found...I used them to spell, "IN LOVE."  Various milk glass containers fill the space.
The white ironstone vases made it to the booth.  I made the heart on the right from buttons we have had for years...vintage...maybe, since I have had the sewing box for over 20 years!
The oversized letters made it here, too!
The little bike is not for sale (found at Hobby Lobby.)  It is the little trademark that we use for 'Three Pixie Lane."
I lost my good scissors during the holidays (I need to get my act together...organization is not my thing!), but still plan to make some cute new banners for the wreaths..."Je t'aime" or "Je vous adore."  I hope I spelled those right!
These cottage bowls are lovely and hint of spring!

I am still so new at learning the ropes of having a business.  I can't say that it is a huge money maker, but it is definitely fun!  If you like the challenge of the hunt, then it may be worth it.  I use the money that I make each month to purchase for the next month.  (See my trip to Charleston here.) 
One friend stated, "Well, it is cheaper than therapy!"  Yes, that is what it is...therapy...good for the mind and fun for the creative soul!  And, I have learned so much!
I hope to make some fun coat racks and signs in the future!  It is amazing what can be made with things you already have around your house...buttons, newspaper, coat hangers, and old wood!
Note:  Some of you have asked questions about different products and where I found them, I promise I will answer all of them once I get my mountain of laundry under control!  It's that unorganized thing!

I am linking to these sites!  As always, join in on the fun!
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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Junkin' Finds From Charleston

"One for you and one for me"...if only it could be that way!  I really want to keep these letters!  And the basket, too!  Oh, off to the booth they (may) go... 
I have a hard time buying for this booth!  I want to keep everything for me!  Isn't this the sweetest chair?
This Dutch silver compote may have to stay here!
Check out those details!  I love that it has tarnished and only hints of the silver remain...perfect for my kitchen!
A huge antique mall in Mt. Pleasant is closing its doors...I grabbed so many great things for 50-75% off!  I have big plans for these old door knobs.
I have a thing for enamelware.  Aren't these cute?
I wish I had bought all of these French milk bottles!  I only snagged one...should it stay or should it go?

This utilitarian table was on the side of the road.  I would love it in my laundry room!  Maybe I will paint it!
I found this vintage picnic basket at the Goodwill.  Love it.
These white pitchers are headed to the shop.
I am keeping this beautiful English tea cup and saucer!
I found lots of this graniteware in pots, pie tins, and plates.  I think the color gray is so goodlookin'!
The pale bluish-gray buffalo check fabric was a steal, and I just love it!  The graniteware will probably go, but the fabric will become pillows for my bedroom! 
I filled up my trunk with this scrap wood torn out of old homes in Charleston, SC.  It was the best deal of all!  I am going to (gulp!) take on Ms. Mustard Seed for her Copy Me Challenge (when she hits 4000 followers) and attempt to make some signs for my shop...I figure if I don't put it out there, I may never do it!

I am linking up to these great weekly parties!  Come check them out and join the fun!  Thanks ladies for hosting!
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The Winter Beach

After a visit to the beach, it's hard to believe that we live in a material world. 
 ~Pam Shaw
The starfish were scattered all over the beach.  I am playing with this camera...but I should be workin'!
This starfish looks like he stayed up late doing the tango and passed out on the beach...
The winter beach is unspoiled and untouched...the sand dollars were in plenty, too.
This one seems to be nestled in the sand for some warmth!
What a lovely jewel of the beach... only friend for the day!
More treasures of the sea...
I unburied this horseshoe crab from his sandy grave.  It is written that nearly unchanged, the horseshoe crab dates back over 600 million years, since before the dinosaurs!  It is actually not a crab at all, but in the family of spiders, ticks and scorpions.
I wonder what faraway places this driftwood has seen.
...or what distant land this ship came from.  It is coming into the Charleston port and is peaking just above the Isle of Palms.  I am standing on the bridge trying not to get hit by the cars passing by!
What a beautiful day...
Even the still marsh looks appealing and begs for a small boat to explore the meandering creek.  I wonder where it goes!
I escaped for a rare weekend by myself!  I was visiting the Low country of South Carolina to do some work, but found some time to visit the lovely and quiet beach.  I also uncovered many new junkin' spots and made a new friend who tears down old houses and old buildings.  She keeps all the scrap materials and let me rummage through her huge warehouse...a treasure in deed, because of all the historical buildings in Charleston, SC.  Her goal is to reuse and repurpose everything!  I am happy to help her!  Let's see what I can come up with...

Stay tuned and I will post my finds for the shop!

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