Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer-to-Fall Arrangement

Brown and green are my two favorite colors to use in my house.  There are so many different, rich tones of brown and multiple shades of green.  The silvery-green lamb's ear leaves, sage from the garden and the silver tipped pine cones make for a simple summer-to-fall arrangement.
The antique oak English biscuit barrel was found at a consignment store.  Here is one listed on eBay for a fair price.  The wood tone is beautiful!
A gift idea:  Find a vintage biscuit barrel and give it to a friend with some pretty flowers and this book or line the barrel and fill it with some homemade biscuits.
                                   (eBay)                                                                  (amazon)
Happy hint-of-fall!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

My Favorite Photo Friday

Well, maybe I can 'get a life' started this week!  Brooke Owen (my youngest) and I went to the post office yesterday after school. Throwing her hands in the air with a 'WOO HOO,' the lady behind the desk asked if I am excited my kids are back in school.  I said, "No! I miss them!"  She informed me that I was the only parent with that response.  Thinking my identity may be a little too wrapped up in my children, I responded, "Maybe I need to get a life!"  Hmmmm....what would that look like?
Ashlyn started middle school this year and no, I didn't cry the first day of school.  I just went with her.  Lest you think I am smothering her, the principal invited all sixth grade parents the first day of school.  It was a huge crowd of parents and a huge pep rally!  The principal at her school is amazing, and as hard as I tried to find something wrong with his school, I couldn't.  For heaven's sake, I called about uniforms and the principal, with approximately 900 children to care for, called me back.  Yeah, the principal called me back...about uniforms.  
Yes, there were definitely moments this summer, when my children were on my last nerve, and I was on their last nerve.  Nonetheless, they are three of my favorite people.  I learn so much from them and love exploring the world through their eyes.  Watching Ashlyn experience such a big change as middle school, and to embrace it so confidently, gives me peace.  Mason is playing football for his school this year for the first time.  He takes it so seriously, one would thinking he is the starting quarterback for Clemson University.  My little bug, Brooke...well, she is on the fast tract, too and happy, happy, happy (Phil...Duck Dynasty...are you with me?) all the time.
Well, I am off to Hobby Lobby to do what I love...decorate, make, re-arrange, create...maybe, somewhere in that big ol' store, I will get a little slice of 'life' that is just for me!
Happy Fall Y'all!

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