Friday, September 30, 2011

Vintage Football Pennants and a Boys Room

My children's grandfather graduated from Penn State in the fifties.  My husband is a huge fan, so I went looking and found this 1950's vintage football pennant for my sons' room.
His room has always looked like this, since he was a baby.  I decided the football pennants might make him feel a little more like the big boy he is!  He loves football!
This dresser sits opposite of his bed.  Mason and his oldest sister are eighteen months apart.  They have always been the best of buddies.  I love this Maritime Blessing with their picture in it when they were 2 and 3 years old.
My son is also crazy about trucks.  While this is a cute vintage repro, he loves the "Ford F450 4x4 with four wheels in the back and two in the front."  I sound like I know what I am talking about, because I have heard him say it so many times!
We used to live in Charleston, SC so his room is a reminder of the beach with its nautical theme.  He used to need this little stool just to climb in the bed.
A painting of the fishing boats at Shem Creek hangs above a quilt from my sister and a quilt rack made by my uncle as a wedding gift.  The postage stamp quilt is from Kohl's (pillow shams, too!)
Rob and I went to Clemson and love some Clemson football, too!  I found this vintage pennant on-line, as well.  The orange color has faded to a yellow, but I love the old look of it.  Go Tigers!
I offered to take the whale down thinking he might have outgrown it.  He wants to leave it and the stuffed animals...I guess at 8 years old, he is somewhere between a little boy and a big boy.  His grandma knitted the elephant.
 We added this room in our basement.  It has high ceilings and accommodates the old rowing oars; however, there are only two small windows adjacent to his bed, so the lighting is terrible!
Legos, Legos and more Legos.  I know soon enough these will be gone, as he moves on to other things, but for now, I love to see this little pile of Legos!  The white star flag hangs above a vintage school desk.  The flag is a replica of one that flew on the Titanic.
Sports Pennants
The Land of Nod has these pennants for a little boy's room.  Prices vary for vintage football pennants.  Shop around!  I paid under $10 for each of mine.  After the Penn State pennant arrived, my husband informed me that he had several old pennants of his dads!  He has the exact same one that I ordered!

I love to see the world through the eyes of a little boy!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome Fall and a Wedding

What better way to welcome fall then with a lovely fall wedding...
Rob's brother got married and Richmond, Virginia was the setting for this lovely event.  The leaves were gorgeous!
As pretty as Mother Nature was, she did nothing to upstage the beautiful bride! Oh, how elegant and lovely!
She added the right touch of color to this fall wedding.
The bouquets were so pretty with the deep rich colors of fall.
The bride's niece and my two girls were bridesmaids and a flower girl.
How about let's throw some acorns to pass the time?  Just please not at anyone or the church windows!
Someone could not wait to do her part.  Although, I think she thought all these people gathered to watch her walk down the aisle...a typical four-year old.
Isn't this a lovely church?  Perfect for a fall wedding!

My brother-in-law looks dashing, too!  They are so cute together! in love!
The colors of fall...the perfect backdrop for a perfect day!
Welcome fall and happy (almost!) one year anniversary David and Theresa!

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Note:  Some of the photos are mine and some are the professional photographer's, Mike Topharn.
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Welcome Fall and Apartment Therapy

Now, that I have said 'goodbye' to my beloved summer, I can welcome fall!

What a nice surprise to find a feature at Apartment Therapy of the tree house!  As excited as I was, my husband was even more excited!   Thanks Katie at Apartment Therapy!
Summer is just about to come to a close, but we hope you don't mind if we slip in one more outdoor space. This beautiful tree house absolutely made our jaws drop. Plus it looks so cozy with its plaid bunting, army blanket pillow, and comfy reading nook that we think it would be the perfect spot to snuggle up with a mug of hot cocoa and watch the leaves change colors this Fall.
Christie of Three Pixie Lane wrote that her husband and children started working on this tree house last summer as a way to spend time together. The finished project is completely stunning and has so many sweet details that we don't know where to start. See that chalkboard? It's a secret door that leads out onto a hidden deck. And the "Lake" pillow? Christie made that from her grandfather's old army blanket. She even made the cage pendant light! Christie, who doesn't consider herself to be a particularly crafty person (ha!), posted plenty of beautiful pictures of the details over at Three Pixie Lane, so be sure to head over to check it out.

A reader told me about the feature and when I went looking I found another feature of my daughter's bedroom here!  Thanks Apartment Therapy!  What a nice surprise!

(Images: Christie/Three Pixie Lane)

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Swedish Stuff and Gift Ideas

What vintage loving girl wouldn't love this? And it works, too!  I found this adorable functional scale at Hobby Lobby for just under $20 (get 40% off with coupon this week.)  It is also available in a larger scale.  You could add some fruit or some Christmas cookies to the little bowl to give a more personal touch.   The ribbon looks decidedly Swedish and came from Michaels.  A red and white Christmas is so simple and lovely.  It would look great to wrap gifts with this ribbon and brown craft paper.
These little journals have a Scandinavian look also.  I found them in the dollar bin at Michaels.  These make great gifts for children with a pretty pen or set of pencils to encourage writing.  They are also the perfect size to fit in a Bible to keep a prayer list.  In the dollar bin, you can also find some nice plaid journals!

It seems I have jumped from summer in my last post to Christmas and completely skipped fall!  It's not true...I just like to do my shopping early.  Usually in August I make a list and by September I have a plan.  I am not very organized, so don't let this fool you!  But, for us unorganized moms, a plan in place offers freedom for the holidays!  My family does not like a frazzled mom for Christmas!
Other benefits of shopping early are better prices, things in stock and time to return without all the crowds!

How about you?  Do you start shopping for Christmas early?
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Before I say 'Hello' to Fall...

Goodbye Summer...
...the beach
...and the waves.
Goodbye familiar park swing...
...and one million pictures smiling at the sun.
Strawberry pickin'...
...and fishing off the pier.
Goodbye birds...
...and summertime friends.
So long treasure hunts...
...and digging for worms.
Goodbye little fish...
...and reflections on the lake.
See ya' tubing...
...and skiing at dusk.
Farewell picnics at the park...

...and new friends we made.
Oh, those summertime long.

 Goodbye swinging over the Edisto beneath the mossy trees...
 ...and kayaking for miles and miles.
Goodbye five years old.
 Goodbye soccer field.
 See you later lemonade stand...
Another year of childhood...
 Goodbye eight years old...
 ...and goodbye nine years old.
Until next time...
...when we meet again!

I wrote a similar post last year {here}  and loosely based it on the book, "Goodnight Moon"...a favorite of ours.  It is always bittersweet to say 'goodbye' to summer...with it goes another year.  Spending that time with my children is the most precious gift.  Watching the world spin and unfold through their eyes is the greatest joy!

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart. ~ Celia Thaxter

Now, I can welcome Fall! 
How about you?  Is it hard to say 'goodbye' to summer?

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