Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes

I made two dozen of these cupcakes for my daughter's class. Pinterest gave me the inspiration!  Ahhh...don't we all love the wonderful ideas at Pinterest!

Pinned Image

These are definitely cute by themselves, but cupcakes were requested for the class, so I combined the two.  You could get extra creative and put licorice cut into strips out of each side like witches hair.  Another idea would be to use for a 'Wizard of Oz' birthday party theme and using two little red jelly beans, cut and put as the ruby slippers just beneath the hat.

So cute!  Thank you Pinterest!

Have a safe evening!  Our 'Girl from the 1940's,' a 'Shepherd' and a cheerleader will visit with a few friends tonight.  If you want to read my thoughts on Halloween, click 'A Light to This World.'

Should you choose to go out tonight, be safe!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Harvest Display

I seemed to have skipped over Halloween.  There was nothing in me this year that yearned to pull out my spooky decor!  Maybe it is my constant struggle with the holiday or maybe I was just being lazy!  Either way, I did manage a few harvest displays.  I was inspired by a little journal that pictured a large galvanized tub full of hay, pumpkins, and corn.  The crow keeps falling over and it looks like I have a dead crow on my I guess to our visitors, that is pretty spooky!

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am searching ways to teach my children to count their blessings and to have a heart of gratitude.  What are some ways you celebrate Thanksgiving?  How do you show a heart of thankfulness?  Thanks for sharing your ideas with me, as I seek to teach my children!

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I will add the sites I link to through the week.  See my sidebar for link parties!


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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photography of a Cowgirl

I will be linking to some of the photography sites throughout the upcoming weeks!

We just celebrated my daughter's tenth birthday.  I was so busy entertaining children and taking pictures of everyone else, that I didn't get any of the birthday girl!  The day after her birthday, we went back to the Fall Festival and had fun, just the two of us, taking these shots!  Yes, I know we all think our own children are beautiful, and I am no exception!  As lovely as I think she is, Ashlyn is a million more times beautiful on the inside!  She has a sweet, sweet heart.  She is actually very quiet and a bit shy.  I love the silly shots of her, because she is so full of adventure and life!  I will cherish these always!
  She loves two things...horses and her American Girl.  I captured my favorite big girl doing the things she loves the most!

Of course you all know I am not a professional photographer.  But, the one thing I have learned is that lighting is everything!  I am also acutely aware of the environment; what things are in the background that can make a break a shot!  I think props can be great, if they are used naturally. 

I'll be back soon with some shots from her party!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Vintage Cowgirl Party Invitation

I am planning a Vintage Cowgirl Party for my daughter's tenth birthday.  She loves to ride horses, so we are going to a local fall festival with horse rides, a petting zoo, and a corn maze to celebrate.  I can't believe she will be ten!  I printed the vintage cowgirl picture from the web, printed the information on vellum paper from Michael's and added the ribbon.  There are some great free western fonts at

I'll be back soon to share her party with you!

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