Monday, August 29, 2011

Barbra Streisand and Me

 Barbra Streisand chose a picture taken from my blog for her new album, "What Matters Most."
She sings the lyrics of Alan and Marilyn Bergman and my photo is in the insert of the CD.
Some of you might remember the image from Christmas last year as part of my post, Three Pixie Lane at Home.

I am so excited that this little act of grace came from this blog!  My husband has remarked many times that I pour a lot into this blog, but don't make any money!
I was contacted in May by Ms. Streisand's long-time producer Jay Landers and asked if they could use the photo above for the insert of her new album.  Naturally, I was suspect and needed lots of information, as it sounded like a hoax!  My bible study was being held at the time that I was contacted, and everyone in my group thought it was certainly a joke!  At that point, I vowed to keep it quiet, as he well could have been an imposter.  I asked for his CV and this is what he sent me (Jay Landers Bio.)   (I am thinking that someone has stolen his identity, but I follow up anyway.)  In addition, to all my suspicion, I was asked to name my price for the photo.  Now, I am not saying that it wasn't a good choice for them to choose, but I just figured they could easily reproduce it!  I came up with fifty dollars.  Needless to say, I never had to give a price.  They made me a generous offer!  They also asked for my CV, my list of clients, my advertisements in the yellow pages, my business cards and any locations that my work has been shown.  My answer to the executor at Sony was, "I am just a mom, who has a blog and your people found this picture from a photo search engine.  I don't have any of the things you requested!"

Mr. Landers told me that when he went searching for an image, he typed in 'black piano with silver frames' and my image popped up.  He took this to Barbra Streisand and asked her if it was the sentiment she wanted to portray.  She said, "Yes, but I want that exact photo."  With some handy Photoshop, they added her pictures in place of my family photos.

If you see the album, they even gave me a credit for the 'piano image!'

Of course, I wanted to share all of this with you!  But, after my initial ridicule (understandably so!) I decided to wait until I received the album and the check!  I have asked for an autograph and hope that I will get one!

Somehow, this makes me feel like I did this for my mom.  The photo display was a rememberance of her...of family.  I know she would be proud!

I hope this encourages all of you!  You never know who is watching!

Thank you to all of you who support me over here at Three Pixie Lane and thank you for sharing in my joy!
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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you.  Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.  ~Psalm 143:8
  It was a beautiful morning, so I took my cup of iced tea down to the dock to read.  But first, I was somewhat motivated to get some exercise.  The lake looked like glass this morning with the only wake being from a turtle that had popped up from his slumbering cave to see if the world was awake.  I arranged my cozy spot on the hammock and then stumbled down to the kayak.  I am not a morning person.  I was still in my long pajama pants, but nobody around here cares.  I put on my boat coat; grabbed the oar and took a deep breath of the morning air; still trying to wake up.  I stepped into the kayak and...Whooosh!

I went overboard.  Now, I am awake.  I screamed and even the turtle sank to the depths of the lake after this display, and I am sure back into his cave of a shell.  I floundered around in my long pants and sandals trying to flip the kayak back over.  I recovered and decided to still explore the coves.  It was so quiet, peaceful...serene.
An hour later, I climbed into the coziness of the hammock to spend some time filling up with scriptures...God's Word is so good.  I sat there in that cozy spot, still wet from the earlier debacle and asked myself, "Why do I ever go a day without drenching myself in His truths?"  His word is so good.  He is so good.

I have to be careful not to seek 'comfort,' but to seek the One who comforts.
Blessings to you on this 'Life Lessons' Sunday!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Gift for the Little Chef

I am pretty proud of this gift, because I put it together for $10!  I wrapped 'The Girl's Cookbook' in a child's apron.  If you wanted to spiffy this up, you could monogram it with the little chef's name.  My daughter has this apron with a chocolate monogram right on the pocket.
I found all three items at TJMaxx, but at different times.  I have three kids and that means lots of gifts for friends throughout the year.  I snag cute things, when I see a good price and stock them in a 'gift box.'
The measuring cups were also available and looked just like the spoons...just FYI!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Vintage Tin Lunch Box

I packed this lunch box on the day that I was going to meet my daughter for lunch.  One tea cup for her, one tea cup for me!  That was our favorite thing to do...tea parties...before kindergarten.  My baby, she loved this!  I packed one tea cup in her box and brought the other one with me.
She is not a 'good eater.'  I am trying to find ways to make healthy food appealing to her.  My friend, Jen gave me a huge container of cherry tomatoes from her garden and some cucumbers.  These made the 'eyes' and the 'smile' for her sandwich.  The 'hair and the side of beans are dried or baked vegetables.  I also added cucumber slices and some fresh raspberries to her lunch box.  Usually, I give her a yogurt, but on this day I added the tiny little pie.

I found the Cath Kidston napkins at Tuesday Morning!

What are some healthy foods you would put in a lunch box?

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Roadside Dining, Fresh Markets and Sweets

Reflections of summer 2011...

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