Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Mudroom

 This mudroom has a doggy door for our lab to come in from the outdoors.
 It is located just off of our laundry room.  We cut a wooden door in order to make this Dutch door, which allows some light from the outside to stream into the laundry room. 
 Because it is just off the laundry room, we try to keep it clean (as much as possible.)  No one wants to smell a wet dog, and certainly we don't want our laundry to smell like our dog!
 I bought the glass container at Hobby Lobby and sprayed the lid a bright red to hold his bones.
 Baskets and bins hold all the doggy stuff; shampoo, brushes, toys, medicines, etc...
 I wish I had snapped a shot with our dog resting here.  He was probably out chasing ducks in the lake!
 This is our laundry room, which leads to the mudroom.  Canisters with lids painted the same red, hold soap and clothes pins.  The little wooden herb box holds dryer sheets perfectly.

Here is our little guy; of course, down by the river instead of in his room!
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1 comment :

Anonymous said...

This is THE nicest mudroom/doggie area I have ever seen. Thanks for including a picture of your dog as well, so precious!

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