Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just a Few Things for Valentine's...

I didn't put up too many decorations for Valentine's Day; although, it is one of my favorite days!  Every year on this special day of looove., I pull out the love letters my grandfather wrote to my grandmother during WWII.   They are so nostalgic and the upside down stamps mean, "I love you."
 I found the French post office box at a flea market...perfect for this day.  Tulips are my favorite flowers!
I love this picture of my mom!  This was taken in her dorm at college holding a box of chocolates my dad gave to her.  They were married for thirty-four years, before she passed away.  The letters from my grandfather are dated '1945.'  Many of them discuss how he can't wait to meet his baby girl; my mom.  She was born in 1943 and was three years old before he came home from the war.  My grandmother was told that he had been killed in action; however, he returned home and got to meet his only child!  Sadly, she would pass years before he would at the age of fifty-four, and his heart was broken until the day he died.  I love the story these letters tell...
I cut out these River Birch hearts at Christmas.  For Valentine's, I glued them to some twine and hung them on our kitchen chalkboard.
Some of the bark was a beautiful shade of pink. 

My girls wanted to give flowers to their teachers for Valentine's.  I found the small vases at Hobby Lobby and filled them with roses, baby's breath and stems from our Cherry Blossom trees.  I think these would be perfect for a wedding!  (The vases came in three sizes and are on sale now!)

We also made some for our neighbors...just a little 'happy' isn't it?

Ahhh...Pinterest.  The ideas are endless and oh, so simple!  I love these little flags from Dixie Delights! 

And these, also from Dixie Delights!

So, what have I been up to?
About a million things, but one of them is remodeling our master bath!  (See my Pinterest board here.)  I'll share pictures soon!
Stayed tuned...
Happy Valentine's Day!  

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birdie blue said...

happy valentine's day to you, christie.


Sunflowers With Smiles said...


What lovely cherished memorabilia you have from your grandparents! Love the vases that you made for your children's teachers also....So cute!

Tulips are one of my favorites, too! Hope you are having a lovely day!

august said...

Touching story, beautiful pictures! Love those teacher flower arrangements. Upside down stamp means I love you... I never knew that.

tawn said...


I am so glad to see your post. I was thinking of you this morning and how long it had been since you had posted. I was getting worried.

Love those letters and I am sure that they surely hold a special place in your heart.

Sue said...

Sweet ideas Christie. I love the flowers and vases. I may have to break my fast from Hobby Lobby:-)
I think the love story of your grandparents is especially touching. How wonderful to have their letters and that photo of your mom would be great framed for future Valentine's Days. Such sweet memories.
On another note, we've been through the bathroom redo. I suppose after the kitchen this is a piece of cake! Can't wait to see the afters.

Kris said...

I am so sorry you lost your Mama so young. Sweet, sweet post!
XO Kris

It's me said...

Happy Valentine's day love love Ria......❤ ❤ ❤ the picture from your mom !!

Elma said...

What wonderful memories!! Love this post!!! Have a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

Lots of pretty flowers.

Sarah said...

Christi, I know you cherish those letters. They are definitely family treasures. The flowers for the teachers were sweet. I would have be over joyed as a teacher to get one of those sweet arrangements on Valentine's Day And the pencil valentines.........very clever. '-)

Marsha said...

I know you treasure those letters. So sweet and so sad at the very same time. I know reading them probably makes you feel closer to your family and the loved ones that you have lost.
I sent you a text from my iphone with a picture of the book I made with my Dad's WWII letters. If you're interested in making a book, I'll be glad to help your get started.

Marsha said...

The letters are such and treasure--so sweet and sad at the same time. Three years without meeting your baby....thinking your husband was deceased! Wow!
I sent you a text from my iphone with a picture of the book I made from my Dad's WWII letters (almost 400) he sent to his parents and siblings.
Have you thought about a book? If you're interested, I'd be glad to help you get started.

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