Friday, October 4, 2013

Favorite Photo Friday- a Dog's Perspective

There is nothing like snuggling with your brothers and sisters... 

Were going to different homes, so hug me as long as you can.

I have two new sisters and a brother to love me.

And boy, do they love me!

Sometimes a little too much.

No, no, no, please not the American Girl dresses!

Playing dress-up wears me out.

Now, I get to snuggle with my new sister...

but, I miss my furry mom.
Its not nice to stick your tongue out at others.

I didn't do it.

How could you ever be mad at this adorable face?

We're at the park!  Oh, happy day!

My new home is near the water.  I loooove to swim!

and chew... 
 and chew... 

and chew some more!

More chewing... 

Cut me some slack...I'm teething.

Just chillin' 

Oh, yes, I do love my brother and sisters.  They love me so much, too. 

This is my 'alert' look.

This is my "I didn't do it" oozing with super cuteness look.

I love rummaging through the Hydrangea's to look for my friend, Mr. Muskrat.

My brother is looking for him, too.  Not to play, but to get him! The muskrat attacked me and cut my tongue.  There was blood everywhere.  Thanks for standing up for me bro!  Goodbye Mr. Muskrat.

This is my 'Retriever ready' pose. 

I am grown now and distinguished, don't you think? 

Don't be fooled!  There is still a lot of 'puppy' in me!

I like sledding about as much as I liked the American Girl dresses.

I received this email requesting photos of our Yellow Lab:
Hi Christie! 
I know that you are extremely busy, but I have been waiting forever for you to do a post on your Yellow Lab (now older).  He should be a year + ?
I have a beautiful 11 1/2 yr old yellow named Emma and she was a gift from the Lord.  I treasure every day we have together and I was so thrilled when you got your puppy.  Just wondering how he is doing and what he looks like now :)
Of course, this was like asking a mom to share photos of her newborn baby!  When people ask us about him and how much he cost, we tell them the cost of the puppy is minimal!  It is the damage from chewing which costs so much; pool equipment, doors, shoes, corners of anything, muskrats, baskets, plants, etc...Yes, muskrats.  Oh, he likes to chew on pumpkins, too.  Last year, I found several extra pumpkins in my yard.  The 'guilty one' had dragged them from my neighbor's house! Drayton is such a joy to our family.  We love him so much, and he certainly keeps our lives interesting!  Hug your sweet Emma tight!  Our pets ARE gifts from the Lord!
Have a great weekend!

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It's me said...

Owwww...i am melting...what a sweeet post ...i love labrador dogs !!!...our Iris girl is almost 14 year's now....i love her every day more and this moment she is a bit ill.....i hope and pray she may recover soon...and that she may stay a liitle longer in our live your dog Ria...x !

jvw home said...

your posts are always great...but i especially ADORE this love your precious dog and how you captured such beautiful pictures! he's a charmer!

Anonymous said...

Christie, Y'all are our kind of family. I enjoyed looking at photos of cute Drayton and your beautiful children. We have a Lhasa Apso named Lucy and she is definitely a gift from the Lord, in fact, all of our pets have been.

Happy New Year to you and yours,
Jamie Vaccaro

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