Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Sultry (Dog) Days of Summer


Our puppy, Drayton is six months old.  He is a sweet, sweet dog and we are all crazy in love with him.  Yes, we were crazy to get a puppy in the middle of a remodel, but hey, if you are going to be crazy anyway, why not just live in chaos, right?  All the workers grew very attached to our Drayton! 

Mr. Drayton is not doing so well with his manners.  We all know labs love to chew and he has had a field day in his doggy room!  My lovely little mud room with the bead board is now all chewed up! 

I guess it will have to go on the 'remodel' list now, too.  Fortunately, this is something Rob can do himself.  This little room has a doggy door, so Drayton can go outside.  We had to fence off an area, because he destroyed all of the toys and dragged my cushions all over the yard!  But, look at that face!  It is hard to be mad at such a cute thing!

How to solve the problem?  We added walking, running or taking Drayton to swim for 30 minutes to each child's chore list every day!  When he gets some exercise, he is calm and doesn't chew! 

Speaking of dogs, we are in the middle of the 'Dog Days of Summer!' 
 Here are some of the funny expressions you might hear in the Deep South to describe 'Dog Days':

It's hotter than a billy goat in a pepper patch
It's hot as hades 'round here, IDINIT?
It's so hot the dog'll stay under the porch all day
So hot the hens are laying hard-boiled eggs
Hot as a summer revival
Hotter than a honeymoon hotel
Hot as a pot of neck bones
Blanket of heat
Scorchin' hot
Soarin' hot
Blazin' hot

So, where does the 'Dog Days of Summer' get its name?

The brightest of the stars in Canis Major (the big dog) is Sirius, which is also the brightest star in the night sky.  In the summer, Sirius, the big dog star, rises and sets with the sun. During late July Sirius is in conjunction with the sun, and during ancient times, it was believed that its heat added to the heat of the sun, creating a stretch of hot weather. They named this period of time with its sultry, thick heat, from 20 days before the conjunction to 20 days after, “dog days” after the dog star, Sirius.  The heat of summer is actually the direct result of the earth's tilt (source.)

Keep cool and thanks for stopping by!

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Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

Christie - I JUST posted about our 8 month old lab, Nellie - and her muddy paws! Today's post - my pictures are not as cute - she is too active!
Not trying to spam you - just thought that was quite a coincidence!

Brandi said...

Your pup sounds like our new puppy. After bringing her home almost 4 months ago, she is finally starting to outgrow the chewing stage. She even went as far as chewing my daughter's glasses. So yeah, lucky for them they are cute! ; )

Maureen Wyatt said...

Every time I think of getting another puppy, I am reminded of the chewing! He is cute, though. ~ Maureen

Sandi (Meme) said...

I love the comment I read yesterday, it said "Anyone who thinks that diamonds are a girls best friend - never had a dog!" That sounds like you! Thanks for sharing the story of Dog Days, I've always wondered where that came from. Sandi

ANNE said...

What a beautiful space & such a lovely dog! Thanks for visiting me!

Stephanie @ The Cozy Old Farmhouse said...

Oh my word, he is ADORABLE!! And I had to chuckle at your phrases from the South, because one was very similar to one I've heard. Down in South Florida, on the cattle ranch we used to live on, the saying was, "It's hotter 'n a goat's butt in a pepper patch." Thanks for the laugh and the oh so cute picture of your pup.

It's me said...

What a sweet pup !!! is also verry hot here in Holland darling.....too doing most of the time nothing....tomorrow i must work in our shop ......o my.....and now i am of to the sportschool.....their they have airco ...yes !!....enjoy summer !!

Unknown said...

We certainly are in the DOG DAYS :)

Your pup is adorable -- I so remember the chewing stage and although I sometimes think my little Jo needs a little sister, I am always reminded of the work that stage requires, lol. You are doing everything that the Dog Whisper says to do -- activity quiets their minds :)


Something Nice and Pretty said...

He is gorgeous! Love his name too!
I too always wondered about the dog days and how it got it's name...thanks!

Anne said...

Christie your pup is so cute! Your post was very interesting about the stars.

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