Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Bungalow by the Sea

This little cottage is located at the Isle of Palms, SC.
...just a short skip to the beach and minutes to downtown Charleston.
This house has an open floor plan.  It was built in the eighties and was remodeled in some areas.  The 'Lobster' sign came from an antique mall in town.  The farm table in the dining room came from Victoria & Thomas. They specialize in transforming old wood from England into beautiful farm tables. This one is similar to the one in my kitchen (here.) Chairs from the Pottery Barn Outlet surround the table.
We filled the home with nautical finds from different antique and thrift shops.   We mixed some new furniture with hand-me-down pieces from family.    Previous owners left behind the telescope in the dining room.  Prints on the wall advertise the Wild Life Expo in Charleston, SC.
The kitchen has a nice open design, but still maintains a bit of its 'eighties' flair.  What I love is that it is open to the dining room and the living room, so the cook can still visit with guests.
Our friend gave use these oars when he moved.  The glider chair was the one I used to rock all my babies to sleep.  The quilt came from Garnet Hill.  Besides the fact that I love quilts, they have held up very well in this rental unit.
The vintage 'swimmers' came from an antique mall in Charleston, SC.  I found the bird houses on top of the armoire at Marshall's.  These quilts came from the Pottery Barn Outlet.
The master bedroom has two queen size beds.  My family all piles in here when we host other guests.  There are two full baths in the house and one outdoor shower.  I recovered the seat on the chair that belonged to my grandmother with a Palmetto tree fabric.  People in SC are proud of their Palmetto tree with crescent moon flag!
My mom always wore pretty straw hats, when we would go to the beach.  I have her collection and have them displayed around the house.  These quilts came from Pottery Barn Outlet, too.
More of her hats sit on top of the book shelf with a little sailboat.  To recycle our books, we have a 'one book in, one book out' deal (feel free to take a book, but leave one behind!)  It is interesting the books people have left!  Nautical maps of SC and the Edisto River flank the book shelf.  A sweet grass basket hangs just to the right.  Charleston is famous for her lovely sweet grass baskets.  If you visit, be sure to get one!  The art of weaving these baskets has a long history in the Low Country.
 I found some of the items on the mantel at the beach; the seaweed, the sand and a few of the starfish.
The old print of the Charleston Battery was one my parents had in storage.  It is dated 1967, but was in good condition, so I framed it for this space.  The 'cannon' book ends also belonged to my parents, who lived in Charleston when they first married.  They look just like the real cannons just down the road at Sullivan's Island and at Fort Sumter, where the Civil War started.  The little mermaid just below the mantel was a gift from a friend.

I have posted about this porch (here.)  While we are a block away from the ocean, you can hear the sweet sound of the waves breaking in the evening, when all is quiet.  The old shutters came from an antique store in Southport, NC.
Many of the houses in the Lowcountry display beautiful pieces of outdoor art.  I found the swordfish at a local store and put some boat varnish on it to protect it from the elements.  I purchased the black bench at the Goodwill store and Rob painted it with a coat of 'Charleston Green' paint.  I did a post on 'Outdoor Art' (here.) 

This house is meant to be a relaxed place; one to kick your feet up and make some memories.  It is meant for sandy toes!  However, we did add the outdoor shower to reduce some of the sand tracked in to the house.  I can't think of anything better than coming off the beach and rinsing off in an outdoor favorite.

An artist named Jack Johnson of the Outer Banks, NC sculpted the whale on top of the armoire. It is another favorite of mine and reminds me of the novel, Moby Dick.

We have this little bungalow as a rental property managed by Island Realty.  If you want to visit the beautiful and historical area of Charleston and want to rent this place close to the beach, click here for more details.  If you are interested, let me know and I will make sure my readers get a 10% discount!

Oh, I am ready for the warmer weather!  Are you?

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ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

What a beautiful home!!

Tiffany said...

Very Nice! Love the outside art!

Deserae said...

What a charming little cottage!!! Looks like the perfect spot for a vacation :o)

PS. I am now following you on Google...hope you will follow me back :O)

Jemsmom said...

This is divine! It makes me want to stay parked right here in my good ol' Charleston and not move to cold and chilly Minnesota!!!

Tardevil said...

I knew you had some connection to Charleston, but couldn't figure out what it was. When we bought our place at the beach, I wanted a fireplace and didn't get it. Still wish we had found a place with one that met the criteria. Love the screened in porch, too. We didn't get that either. My favorite thing you showed was your parent's picture of the Battery, but also like that you have your mom's hat collection. We don't rent our place out. Had some friends that had their anitques/art/etc. stolen from renters. I hope you don't have any trouble with that.

gina said...

Wow, your place is beautiful! My husband's family has a reunion every year in that area and I'm always looking for new places to stay so I will look into renting yours.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Wow, it is beautiful! I can just see myself sitting out on the porch, enjoying the warm breezes! Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Fehr said...

I want to stay here!!!! I'll check out the other site. We just talked about summer vacation yesterday. I was thinking FL but this may do even better. Thanks for sharing!!

Jennifer Hojnacki said...

Beautiful! So warm and inviting. Our dream is to have a place like this when we retire (or should that be "if" we retire? hahaha). I am an avid collector of Hadley Pottery's beach pieces, which help me keep my dream alive. Some of their things might be a lovely addition to your place...they are a Southern brand (Louisville) as well, and everything is made and painted by hand.

Now back to our 30 degree temps. Sigh.

Deborah Anne said...

Beautiful place! Would LOVE to be there right now as a matter of fact!

{northern cottage} said...

looks just LOVELY & inviting! If only we had seen it just a few short weeks sooner. We just booked some condos for hilton head in April....I would have LOVED to have rented your place & really had the family spread out & yet be together! maybe in the future! I'll be bookmarking ya for sure!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I did not know you had a nice vacation home. May have to stay there some day. I love Charleston and would love to have a nice place to stay.

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