Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spring Flowers - Crafting with Kids

By early spring, we were so ready to see some beautiful flowers, but couldn't seem to find any.  My children and I decided to gather some things from around the house and to make our own!  We found newspaper, sheet music, scrap paper, buttons, glitter, tissue paper and ribbon and spent the evening making flowers.  We attached these to green 'pixie stix' that were available at World Market.  Using the pixie stix as stems, we stuck these into some green peas in a clay pot.  After the cold days of winter, this is a great way to welcome spring!  We gave the flowers to friends and neighbors and they got to enjoy the beautiful flowers, as well as, the sweet treat from the pixie stix!  Enjoy making your days bright!

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1 comment :

Krista@RustikChic said...

I love this! What a cute idea, my girls would love to make these. They are beautiful and the pixie stick is a sweet bonus. :)

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